stories showcasing the power of female friendship


Narratives told in prose


Accidental Repercussions

By Sara Winnick

My sister doesn’t have any scars.  At least, not any you can see.  Her hair hasn’t been the same since the accident—the doctors had to shave a portion of it to cut into her scalp, to relieve the pressure the car put on her skull and her skull put on her brain.  She has perpetually thinning curls and frizz control issues.  But no scars. (Read More)


By SaraH N Dillard

When he asked me what I wanted from Tayta’s belongings, I told my dad about the family heirlooms, the knick-knacks I knew she loved most, and her address book. The book is coffee-stained, sometimes illegible, and overflowing with love. (Read More)

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Love and Abortion

By kelsey Woida

Every Tuesday morning, it is my job to love the women I do not know. I volunteer at an abortion fund, where people who cannot afford the cost of their procedure come for financial assistance and support. They call the hotline and I answer the phone. (Read More)

“Sunset” by Jeremy Schultz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Sunset” by Jeremy Schultz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

april 11th

By laura winnick

at some point into the beer-drenched night i realize just how many birthdays there are in april. all aries all around me: she of the ram-stubbornness, the first fire, the new terrain. (Read More)


By Claire Laine

By the time I reached my gate at the Minneapolis airport, the shoes on my feet were no longer mine.

I found a seat and started scrolling through photos on my phone, magnifying every image that contained the shoes and comparing the boots on the screen to the ones I was wearing. (Read More)

Giving Up The Ghost

By Anna S.F.

there is an imaginary sort of friend, a woman who exists in my mind as an ideal version of a woman. it's not my best self, or the best version of someone i love. she sort of just floats there, silent with small movements here and there. adjusting her hair, or bending over to get a better look at something. (Read More)

The Different Types of Friends You Might Meet In Your 20s And Keep Forever Or Not

By Ashley Rose

There’s the friend you wonder if you knew in another lifetime. They’re an excellent dancer and they are always moving, but not fidgeting, and they know when to be around people and when to not. (Read More)

Drawing by Hannah Rehak

Drawing by Hannah Rehak

Saturday Night

By Kathryn Anastasi

The show is in a popular bar in the Lower East Side that I don’t yet know is a mainstay. Attractive people in trench coats and logoless baseball caps press past us as we try to steady the beer in our plastic cups. We scan the room for any signs of a stage, too intimidated to ask a stranger here. It’s my third week in New York, his eighth. (Read More)

Life Partners

By Kelly Coyne

Whatever it was I saw in her that day twenty years ago still baffles me, because it put me on a path for the rest of my life. We were in the first grade, I had just moved from another state, and I saw Lizzie for the first time, from afar. (Read More)

Romancing Friends on Dating Apps

By Simone Wolff

Like many queer people, many of my pre-coming out friendships look pretty gay in hindsight. (Read More)

America's Baby

By eliza summerlin

She walked into the cheese shop wearing her boyfriend’s jeans, a tiny white t-shirt, and red lips. She saw all of us looking and did a little spin. We applauded. That’s Mallory. (Read More)

Hold Up


On cleaning charts, mandatory house dates, and sometimes staying home from the party to be with the women you love.

Paige sits with headphones on, nodding her head and typing fervently on her computer. Her feet, propped up on the arm of the couch, match the beat. (Read More)

An Ode to the Onslaught

By Ilana M

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if basketball didn’t exist.  I’ve played basketball on and off since I was seven.  And to this day, I think it’s the only thing in my life that helps me feel focused and centered and calm. (Read More)